Don't bother with the details...

Enjoy the privilege of getting from one capital to another quickly, from one continent to the next. This service brings together simplicity, security, and trust.

TurkeyJets VIP Services’ experience in private aviation allows us to meet the least of your demands. We choose for you only the best aircraft with regularly trained, professional air crews. We also take care of all of the formalities.

TurkeyJets  offers you;

  • You can get with Mercedes / Viano VIP and other luxury vehicles from your home, office or from anywhere.
  • Along with Hot / cold refreshments, you can read newspapers, you can watch TV and you can listen to music.
  • By the hostes who professional and training in this area will meet you at the airport, porter will trasport your luggage to your jet.
  • You can pass quickly from the control gates with authorized personel.
  • During check-in and boarding process, professional hostess will assistance to you.
  • You don’t lose time in long queues.
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